ive followed you for a while and your blog is so cute and pleasant and i really like it . at AX all of your ideas were so nice and you were such a cutie woW, im really glad you were so organized and pleasant uvu

it was great meeting you and i hope we see each other again!!!


i think youre super rad and we need to hang out more next year, you like some cool things but tbh i wish you would follow your own interests more and not worry about your dumb friends <3

y es but im really glad i know you!!! always feel free to ask me anything related to cosplay and i’ll try to help you out uvu


i may be a little bit drunk but i know what i gotta do


i may be a little bit drunk but i know what i gotta do

Hey, have you seen "The 18 Cutest (And Sometimes Creepiest) Cosplay Couples At Comic-Con" on MTV's website? (I'd link it but Tumblr won't let me). If I'm not mistaken #11 is a Tuls cosplayer. Have you seen anyone cosplaying one of your characters before?

Yes actually I’ve seen pictures of that Tuls cosplayer before, I’m very impressed, it must take a lot of work to make a cosplay that difficult!

And actually Ava’s Demon is increasing in popularity so naturally there are a lot more cosplayers springing up, I myself am not Michelle but a friend of hers taking care of her asks for a bit and I happen to cosplay Ava Ire and I have a friend who cosplays Gil with me!


saw some pretty lil flowers today



Facile rumpuntur singula jacula, conjuncta non item

Claude Monet » Water Lilies


Summer clothes

Straight from the scanner, wowee


we dont talk but you look really nice !!! youre super cute and your hair looks super soft woW

youre theme also has space in it and space is rlly great good job A+