Melon, plum



melon - when i started sitting with friends at lunch like mid freshman year i guess i saw you more and more frequently until you just kinda like mentally blended from stranger to friend i dunno man its a mystery u just kinda got there

plum - lana del rey stuff ? i havent heard tegan and sarah but im sure they sound like you

vanilla orange melon

vanilla - everything . youre so good at being a person j esus youre always there for me when shit hits the fan and you’re so good at being funny and chill and good with timing and differentiating the mood and stuff, thats so hard how do you exist

orange - you and nitro ar e my best bros i love you guys man i really care about your wellbeing and i want everyone to be happy and cute and nice

melon - ive said it a billllion times but i think it was before i ever had a tumblr nitro would talk to me at school about you , and then fastforward i get a tumblr and fiind out youre on the unreachable plane of friend’s ultra cool friend . i thin k it too like a year for me to fuckin g chill enough for us to become bros im sorry

melon, peach & lilac. plz.

melon - real talk i think one day you just liked like . a loT of my posts super suddenly like i checked my notifications and ! bam there you were , and i was rlly impressed so i think i followed you bc of that aha

peach - your whole blog is just super soft and pretty and it feels like everything i want mine to be wow

lilac - i mentioned above i think you once jus t liked a bunch of posts and th at doesnt happen much and i was like “well they have p good taste” and then i looked at your blog and ! i was right perfecto

Melon orange plum

melon - u were like jakes unreachable cool friend who like kinda floated off in friend-of-a-friend zone and then we skyped that one time and u were p chill . good job

orange - !!!!SuPEr chill great person whoooo put up with me when we went to el sombrero ??? that mustve been really hard im sorr y . good job

plum - uM like kesha shes your girl right

Melon, peach, vanilla, if you don't mind?

melon - i think you were just someone in the fandom that i didnt directly follow for like a long time and i saw you kinda around a lot and finally at one point i was like rlly tired of everything being indirect . so i followed you and turns out youre super nice and cute and great aaa

peach - everything about your blog seems super floral and nice and thats rlly great

vanilla - you orchestrated the whole ava’s demon meetup thing and got the cards and stuff and that was like A+ the cutest and best thing ever omg you were just super organized and pleasant

melon coconut and plum

melon - i think i saw you like at a livestream and the fandom was p small and i saw you around a lot and i didnt really get to know you or anything until you got the odinarrow url?? And then it was like damn this guy is probably super worth my attention

coconut - you and cliones go hand in hand to me idk man

plum - uM wow i dont know im so sorry im not good at music association stuff aaaa so rry

mutals only pls


melon - my first impression of you

peach - what i like most about your blog

vanilla - what i like most about you

lilac - why / how i started following you

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

sweet pea - would i go out with you

strawberry - i secretly think… 

mango - anything you want me to answer about you 


miku with some bread dough


miku with some bread dough


I just saw your Ava Ire cosplay and it's so cute and great!! Yours is probably the best I've seen and it's just really fantastic c:

!!!! ! aaaAAAAA thats so niceomg thank you so much, ive remade the dress like 3 times man i try every day


i drew the girl with the ghost hair again…..oops


i drew the girl with the ghost hair again…..oops

so theres this rlly hella shelf thing in my room right But like the middle main thing is empty and wow thats kind of

b ut its not empty anymore



hes here